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The Ultimate Van Solution

No van upfits like a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Metris van. Whether for business or pleasure, Mercedes-Benz Vans offer superior capabilities designed to fit your needs, no matter what they may be.

We offer upfitting solutions for a variety of vocations. Click on one below to get started with the van best recommended for you.

Our upfitting solutions are provided by only the best, most trusted vendors in the business.

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The New Weekender
A MasterSolutions™ Upfit by Driverge

Introducing a new modern standard in pop-up campers — the Weekender. Turn your daily drive into endless adventure.

The Weekender Van with top popped, parked in the woods.

Upfitting and You

With an upfitted van, the possibilities are endless. From an HVAC super van to a custom bike trip shuttle, see how you can become inspired for your own upfitting.

Say hello to
every contractor's
dream van.

Organization is the heart of efficiency. HVAC contractors and plumbers carry a large amount of parts along with all the other equipment they need to get the job done right. So when you carry all those parts, you need a van that’s not only large enough, but also organized.

A man working in the back of a Sprinter Cargo Van
A man standing on the back of an open Sprinter Cargo Van

Organize better, work faster, save more time

With a partition and upfit package that allows you to organize your equipment better, you can be safer and more efficient so you’ll be on your way to the next job in no time.

Powering your
business, one upfit
at a time

An electrician’s van is their office, and as such, comfort and safety are top of mind. As a profession that requires a high level of mobility, you carry a lot of equipment – so a strong, protective barrier between you and the cargo area is a must.

A man working from the back of a white Sprinter Cargo Van
A man sitting on the back of an open Sprinter Cargo Van

Safety and efficiency on call

One of your most valuable tools is your ladder, so to maximize your storage and transport abilities, a ladder rack as part of your upfit package is an invaluable addition.
For electricians and telecom workers, the Sprinter van is a perfect fit. How can an upfit benefit your business?

Your business,
powered by

Mercedes-Benz vans are the ultimate foundation for any upfit. Whatever the nature of your business, be it people moving, painting, delivery and more, our vans offer superior capabilities designed with your future solution in mind.

A man standing and working in the back of a Sprinter van
A worker walking in the back of a Sprinter Cargo Van

Upfit solutions designed for the way you move

Need more storage? Better organization? Perhaps you need to be able to transport a large amount of people or freight. If so, an upfit solution just might be what you need.

Ready to start your
own upfit solution?

Get Started
Ready to start your<br/>own upfit solution?

Mercedes-Benz allows qualified upfitters to become part of the MasterUpfitter network. These experts in their respective fields work to the highest standards and UpfittingGuidelines, giving you the confidence during your next purchase.

Check back soon for a full roster of MasterUpfitters ready to help you grow your business.

For more information, contact your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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Upfitter Portal

Find technical data at the Daimler Vans Upfitter Portal

The Daimler Vans Upfitter Portal includes technical information and resources necessary to upfit a Sprinter or Metris Van, including: specific model resource charts, 2D drawings, upfitter equipment bulletins, photos and body builder handbooks.

Visit Portal