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We Invented Hard Core

Over a hundred years ago, we recognized the need for a vehicle that could take on heavy loads and not back down from any job. The result? Mercedes-Benz invented the van. That first van paved the way for an entirely new segment and set the standard for others to follow. As the need for vans grew, Mercedes-Benz surpassed all expectations to become the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. While our latest Sprinter and Metris Vans continue to raise the bar for innovation and technology, they still hold true to our core values: to create vans that deliver an extraordinary level of performance, durability, and safety to every owner.

6 Mercedes-Benz logos throughout history
A Sprinter Van from 1896


Benz company invents the motorized van, dubbed a "combination delivery vehicle"

A Sprinter Van from 1929


Introduction of the Mercedes-Benz L 1000 Express van

A Sprinter Van from 1956


Mercedes-Benz introduces the L 319 and reinvents the light truck segment

A Sprinter Van from 1967


Mercedes-Benz introduces the new large-capacity van, the L 406 D

Angled view of a white Sprinter Van from 1977


Mercedes-Benz launches a new light van lineup Internally called the TN or T1

A Sprinter Van from 1986


The invention of the automobile is 100 years old and Mercedes-Benz presents its newest van, the T2.

A Sprinter Van from 1995


The first-generation Sprinter Van launches in Europe and wins "International Van of the Year."

A Sprinter Van from 2006


The second-generation Sprinter enters the European Market

A Sprinter Van from 2010


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter enters the US market

The midsize Mercedes-Benz Metris enters the US market


A Metris Van from 2015