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Haul more possibilities with a Mercedes-Benz fleet.

Fleet Programs

If the durability, efficiency and low cost of ownership of a single Mercedes-Benz Van can help drive your business forward, just imagine what a fleet can do for you. That can become a reality through the Mercedes-Benz Vans Fleet Program. The Mercedes-Benz Fleet Team will examine your specific criteria, and offer the van with the ideal body style, interior configuration and load capacity to meet your commercial vehicle requirements.

To learn more, contact Mercedes-Benz Vans Customer Service and they will provide your information to the Mercedes-Benz Vans Fleet Team specialist that can address your requests.

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A member of the Mercedes-Benz Vans Fleet Team will contact you within 3-5 business days.

For additional information:
Call 1-800-367-6372 and Press 4 for Customer Care.


Mercedes-Benz Vans Fleet Contact

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For fleets of 50 to 250 units.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Fleet Program work?

In order to participate in the Fleet Program, business customers must be approved by MBUSA. Once approved, they can purchase vehicles through any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. The fleet incentive must be used at the time of purchase or lease.

Why do I need a Corporate Account Number (CAN)?

A CAN helps us track the sales of a company and facilitate the administration of incentives. Each approved business receives one CAN that can be used for all future corporate vehicle acquisitions that are made at any authorized Mercedes-Benz Vans dealership.

How do companies obtain a CAN?

To qualify for a CAN, the company must have 5 or more vehicles (any make or model, owned or leased) currently registered in the company name. Registrations must be currently active. This Corporate Account Number (CAN) will be restricted to the Corporate Sales Program, and will only receive incentives for new vehicles that are registered to their corporate name.

How do the incentives work?

The fleet incentive must be used at the time of purchase or lease, by presenting your dealer with your Corporate Account Number (CAN), and/or your corresponding program form (if applicable). Incentives are non-transferrable and may only be used by the company employee. Incentive amounts are Model Year specific and are subject to change without notice. These incentives are only available on new and unregistered Mercedes-Benz Van vehicles.